Veterinary Services

Veterinary services
We specialize in Veterinary computer needs, network environments and Veterinary software.

Key Benefits

• Having an I.T. Tech that is familiar with Veterinary based software greatly cuts down on “learning curves” to get the job done quickly.
• Some Software have specific hardware requirements and only work with specific 3rd party software. It is very beneficial to have a tech who knows these requirements when implementing new software deployments.

On-Line Backup

Is It Safe?

We know that if you have a computer with important data on it, then that means you use it enough to know that the biggest down side to computer ownership is the constant battle against malware and viruses. Even with the latest greatest antivirus programs, regardless if it’s the most expensive or a free version, the software is only as proactive as the support team looking for the new threat to add to the new update list. Even if you found yourself on the winning side of this battle there always looms the threat of hardware failure. This is why Act Computers recommends to all their business and residential clients alike that if you have any files you cannot afford to lose then you need a comprehensive backup strategy.
This is where Act Computers comes in… Introducing ACT Now backup solutions powered by I-Drive.
This solution provides the quality and reliability of I-Drive systems with the fast friendly customer service you have come to expect from Act Computers. Having this partnership with I-Drive allows us to have confidence that your data is safe, plus the assurance that Act Computers will be there to provide onsite service if any issue were to arise with the daily operations of the backup software or your preference for face to face assistance with restoring your file; as well as assisting with the process of figuring out what files are important to back up, especially those that you may not be aware of.
So Act Now and have the knowledge that your data is safe and avoid the prospect of expensive data recovery fees.

Remote Connection

Remote Connect
Some tasks and diagnostics can be accomplished via a remote connection. While speaking on the phone, you will grant our technician permission to access your machine via the internet. While you watch, we will work on your machine from our shop. No travel time, no wait, fast service.

Key Benefits
• Fast service: We access your system via the internet.
• Safe: You must grant us access and watch while we work.
• Economical: Best pricing applied


Contact us today for info on our Commercial Bulk E-cycling  and Network Equipment removal services.

If you have a bulk collection of computer stacked up and ready to remove, we will pick them up and recycle them free of charge. If you have bulk Items that need to be disconnected and removed call  for a quote.

If you are taking over a previously occupied building that is already outfitted with obsolete networking equipment that needs to be removed and recycled call for a quote.

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