Laptop Screen Replacement

Laptop Parts /Screen Replacement

If you crack the screen on your laptop a standard suggestion you will hear from a lot of repair shops is to replace your laptop because “It’s cheaper in the long run”.

Well what happens if the screen you broke is attached to your brand new laptop?

Call ACT Computers and will try our best to replace it for a cost that is a lot cheaper than a buying a second brand new laptop.

We Specialize in Laptop Motherboard Replacement. $130.00 Plus price of parts. We also specialize in Laptop Power Jack Replacement / Fix.

Laptop Screen not showing a picture? Before you buy a new laptop call us, chances are we can fix it for a lot less than the price of a new Laptop


Missing the Battery Charger (Power Brick) for your laptop? Perhaps yours has a short or your dog chewed on it.. We can get you a new one. 3rd party power bricks starting at $29.99