Veterinary Services

We specialize in Veterinary computer needs, network environments and Veterinary software.

Key Benefits include having an I.T. Tech that is familiar with Veterinary based software greatly cuts down on “learning curves” to get the job done quickly.  Having a tech who knows that some software have specific hardware requirements and only work with specific 3rd party software. It is very beneficial to have a tech who knows these requirements when implementing new software deployments.

Remote Connection

Some tasks and diagnostics can be accomplished via a remote connection. While speaking on the phone, you will grant our technician permission to access your machine via the internet. While you watch, we will work on your machine from our shop. No travel time, no wait, fast service.


The best approach to eliminating downtime while managing costs through proper maintenance. It does not matter if the subject is health care, vehicle care, networking, or computer maintenance; proper system maintenance maximizes up-time and minimizes costs. ACT Computer’s maintenance program is a systematic approach to keeping your system operational all of the time. More info

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