Author Topic: linksys wireless g music bridge  (Read 12279 times)

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Re: linksys wireless g music bridge
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2009, 05:48:47 PM »
having issues getting this to work with vista sp1? your not the only one try this.

1.  Throw out the installation CD that comes with the music bridge (its useless for Vista).... I'm kidding, but you get the point.
2.  You HAVE to dowload the Vista compatible installation utility and Firmware upgrade from the Linksys forum - I don't have the link right now, but its here in this forum.
3.  Run the Vista driver setup to install the Musicbridge utility - the "Install utility" link at the bottom of the setup screen, but DO NOT try to configure the router since you'll just have to do it again later.
4.  Run the firmware upgrade for the router (it behaves exactly like the setup utility, but instead of configuring the hardware for use, it upgrades the fimware)
5.  Run the Vista driver setup to configure the router (only after the firmware upgrade).   I didn't have to do anything outside of the auto setup.  i'm using a Linksys wireless G router as well, and it connected with 64 Bit WEP encryption no problem once i entered my encryption passphrase.
6.  Open up MSCONFIG and disable the CMFLYWAVE Application on Startup
7.  In your Program Files directory,  find \Linksys\wmb54g\wmb54g.exe,  \Linksys\wmb54g\driver\cmas2ds.exe, and \Linksys\wmb54g\driver\cmflywav.exe - For all three files,  right click and go to Properties\compatability.   Check the "Run this program in compatability mode for:"   pick XP with SP 2.   
8.  I'd suggest restarting the computer now.
9.  You might get a "WMB54G.exe has stopped running error" on restart... that's ok
10.  Start the following files in this order:
11.  The utility should start, and then you can connect to the bridge via the system tray icon.  - you might have to also set the default audio device to the Music Bridge by right clicking your system tray speaker icon
12.  Uncheck the "Start the Music Bridge when I start Windows" option in the utility screen - and execute the three files in step 10 each time you restart.
More info go here